Saturday, July 13, 2024

Reality of Dunya

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“Jagah jee laganay ki dunya nahin hai. Yeh ibrat ki jaa hai, tamasha nahin hai”

I have heard this sentence many times since childhood. Although I did understand what it meant, I never really understood the depth of it.

There is a point in life when one realizes the emptiness of this world and all that it contains. Wherever one turns, there’s desolation and hollowness. All relationships, passions, goals, and achievements that seemed so glittery and exciting start to look pale. That’s when one realizes that this world was not meant to be a place of contentment.

Nothing that we attach our heart to other than Allah SWT can give us the true contentment that our soul needs. No matter how much time or effort we invest in a relationship, a job, or a cause, it alone will not bring us the satisfaction that we crave for. This world was created by Allah, to remember Allah, and to pass the test designed by Allah. There’s nothing much more to it.

Whenever I heard the gist of the hadith: “Be in this world like a traveler or a stranger”, I always thought it’s only encouraging zuhd i.e not engaging too much in the world materialistically. That’s how we sometimes view deen unfortunately – we feel the hadith must be mentioning another “difficult” thing to do. However, I didn’t realize that it’s also providing this perspective for our own benefit – if we truly view the world for what it is, our trials would become so much easier to bear. It’s all temporary at the end of the day.

Every single commandment, encouragement, and concept in deen is present for our own spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and mental benefit. That is the Mercy of our Rabb.

May we experience true sukoon in His Remembrance and successfully pass the test of this world.

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