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Ramadan for Kids

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It’s almost Ramadan time!

What and when?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (lunar calendar).

Fun fact: Just like there is a solar calendar, there’s also a lunar calendar. The lunar calendar depends on the monthly cycles of the moon’s phases. It’s slightly shorter than the solar year and so every year Ramadan comes a few days earlier than the previous year. This year, it starts on Thursday, March 23!

Activity: We invite you to look for the new crescent moon in the sky with your child on Wednesday night!

Question: Do you think this means that Ramadan can come in different seasons?

Here’s a fun activity that can be done with children for them to learn about the moon’s phases:

What do Muslims do in Ramadan?

Healthy adults fast from food and drinks from just before sunrise to sunset in Ramadan. It has been prescribed in our Book, the Quran.

Fun fact: The Quran mentions that fasting has been prescribed to the previous nations as well. The exact method can vary, but it is found in earlier Books and other traditions like Judaism and Christianity.

Ramadan is also a month in which Muslims are encouraged to be more generous to family, friends, and community. When we fast from food and drink, it helps us develop empathy for those who are less fortunate than us.

Question: What other qualities other than empathy do you think fasting could inculcate?

Activity: Find a local shelter that you could visit and contribute towards. Even bringing a smile to the faces of people counts as a contribution ?.

Fun fact: In our tradition, smiling is also considered a form of charity!

Ramadan is also a time in which we work on self-discipline, becoming a better person, and trying to remove our bad habits.

Question: What is one unhealthy habit you want to try working on this month?

People who fast during Ramadan usually wake up early to have a meal before sunrise (called suhoor) and later enjoy an evening meal after sunset (called iftar). Dates are an important part of our tradition – they have healthy carbohydrates and so they give us a boost of energy on suhoor and iftar.

How do we celebrate the ending of Ramadan?

We end the month of Ramadan with a very exciting holiday – Eid al fitr. There are gatherings, prayers, gift giving, decorations, and of course lots of food. We can indulge in desserts and play all day long with our family and friends!

Here are links to some children’s books that talk about different aspects of Ramadan and how it is celebrated in different cultures:

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