Saturday, July 13, 2024

Ramadan – Allah’s Names and Dua

This Ramadan…

May Allah increase us in His witnessing and understanding. May He keep us in an increase in our journey towards Him. We are journeying with Him and to Him. May He make every breath of ours a testament to that and may we live every moment in His presence. May He make us a person of ihsan (excellence). May our hearts perceive Al-Wali as our close protecting Friend. May Al-Fattah grant us spiritual openings. May Al-Haadi direct our hearts with His Guidance. May Al-Aleem make us people of “ilm un naafay” (true beneficial knowledge). May Al-Wasi’ expand our chests. May Al-Haqq make us firm on haqq (the truth). May Ash-Shakoor make us from amongst the shakireen (the grateful ones towards Him and His creation). May Al-Quddus purify us inside out. May He make us permanent in his dhikr (remembrance). May He make our hearts, our actions, our character, our relationships, and our interactions beautiful. May Al-Ghafoor forgive us and cover us beautifully. May Al-Wadud increase us in His Love and the love for His creation. May Ar-Raqeeb grant us true muraqabah (mutual companionship) through which we feel His constant presence. May Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem make us receptive to His loving care, and may He grant us the taufeeq (ability) to show that womb-like loving care to His creation. May Al-Jabbar heal us holistically and mend our broken hearts. May we truly experience the reality of “Fa innee qareeb” (Indeed I am Near) every moment. May Allah enable us to fix, heal, and beautify our heart and soul. May He remove the burden and blackness of sins from our hearts. May He remove the darkness of zulm (wrongdoing) done by others upon us and by ourselves upon us, from our souls.

May He make our children a source of spiritual openings for us. May He make us facilitators and modelers for them in their spiritual journeys. May we nourish their bodies, minds and souls in the most beautiful ways, becoming the means of connecting them to Allah. May the repeated actions involved in the upbringing of children (cleaning, cooking, responding, holding space, decision-making, commuting, explaining, teaching, problem-solving and many more) be a source of khayr (goodness) for them and us and may it be heavy on our scale of deeds.

May He make us a source of khayr (goodness) for our families, the entire ummah (Muslim community) and humanity. May we eat and drink for His sake. May we refrain from israaf (excessiveness) in eating for His sake. May we nourish our bodies with the pure sustenance from our Rabb Al-Qayyum. May He make the interrupted sleep enough for mothers and anyone struggling. May we nourish our souls with the Book of Allah. May we nourish our minds with the uloom (fields of knowledge) that give us clarity on the straight path and benefit the ummah.

May Allah grant us the khayr (goodness) of this life and the next. May He grant us the khayr (goodness) that His beloved Prophet SallAllahu ‘alayhi waSallam asked and protect us from the sharr (evil) that His beloved Prophet SallAllahu ‘alayhi waSallam sought protection from. Ameen.

May Al-Kareem accept our duas.

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