Thursday, July 11, 2024

Mothers’ Spiritual Journey

As a mother of two young children, I am often thinking about their tarbiyah (spiritual nurturing). I am also surrounded by several mothers who are deeply invested in raising upright, God-conscious ummatis (followers of the Prophet SallAllahu ‘alayhi waSallam). It is the result of the nurturing love that Al-Wadood (The Most Loving) and Ar-Rahman (The Lovingly Caring and Merciful) has placed in the hearts of mothers. However, I have often noticed that as mothers, sometimes, the desire to shape our children in a specific way becomes so overwhelming, that it begins to impact our own relationship with Allah and our intentions behind parenting.

When it comes to meeting physical and emotional needs, mothers are often advised to not overlook themselves, because “you cannot pour from an empty cup”. However, when it comes to spiritual wellbeing, mothers are not very often reminded of their responsibility over their own soul. Every soul has its own journey towards God, and every soul will be accountable for its own choices. As much as it is our responsibility to nurture and guide our children on the right path, parenting is still very much a part of our own spiritual journey and tazkiyah (purification of the soul). Therefore, our efforts in parenting should not be focused on the milestones or outcomes we see in our children; rather they should be focused on our own spiritual state when we engage with our children and make decisions for them. As a result, our engagement with our children would InshaAllah positively affect their spiritual state as well, whether it manifests directly in our desired outcome or not.

I often find myself giving this reminder to my own soul. Whenever my daughter and I are having our special reading time, I must check within my heart that I am reading to her in the name of Allah, who also narrates stories to us in His Book. When I do that, a simple picture book becomes a means of my journeying towards God, as much as it is a means of taleem (education) and tarbiyah (spiritual nurturing) for my daughter InshaAllah.

Therefore, I am always intentional about buying books that narrate meaningful stories depicting our real-life experiences and their connection with God. I am also soon going to launch my very own first picture book InshaAllah about a topic that my family has experienced often, and so have many other families due to globalization. It connects our physical journey in this world to our spiritual journey towards Allah!

Follow on to be the first one to know about it! InshaAllah cover reveal coming soon!

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