Saturday, July 13, 2024

Gratitude in Pain – II

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I wanted to write about feeling gratitude during pain – that’s when I realized I had already done that:

SubhanAllah I wrote this during a similar, yet different, trial.

I had written about how I could focus on being grateful for something other than what was causing me pain. My recent experience taught me to be grateful because of my pain. The painful experience itself was brought to me by Ar-Rahman (The most Loving, Caring, Merciful) and Al-Lateef (The Subtle). He, being Al-Wali (The close Protecting Friend) crafted this life story for me in order for me to know Him better. The details of the experience were also woven with a variety of eases along the way, as Allah has promised: “With every difficulty there is ease.” (94:5)

Shortly after the painful experience, a mentor told me that this dunya (world) is a broken realm in which something will always go wrong. But what would be all okay inshaAllah is our spiritual journey towards As-Salam (The source of Peace) and Al-Ahad (The One). May Allah Grant us this perception in our eases and difficulties. Ameen.

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