Saturday, July 13, 2024

Dealing with Loss

Image by freepik on Freepik

Loss is a strange thing. It pushes us to the brink of pain. Loss of what we thought was coming our way. Loss of lives and efforts. Loss of plans. Loss of how we thought our lives would look. Alhumdulillah for the beautiful guidance in our deen on how to cope with loss.

Alhumdulillah for the promise of our Rabb that He will surely test us with loss. He tells us what to expect and He takes us by the hand through it. The most beautiful words by the most beautiful person ﷺ resonate today:“Verily the eyes shed tears and the heart grieves…But we will not say except that which is pleasing to our Lord.”

May Allah Grant us to grieve with perspective and to strive with patience in His path. Ameen. 


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