Friday, July 12, 2024

Alternate Path

I often find myself taking the alternate path. It is not on purpose. I would love to have a tribe who is exactly on the same path as mine, but Allah has crafted everyone’s journey differently.

Be it the structure of my day, the use of technology, my children’s education, my family’s diet, or my overall lifestyle – I often feel like a stranger to the world.

I have lived in three different continents in the past 6 years across the globe. I have met women and families from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It is a blessing Alhumdulillah to have that kind of an exposure. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the company and benefited from a number of people, I have also come to realize that I would probably not gel with most of society in any place.

I value connecting with my children over a simple home-cooked meal, more than a day out in a noisy indoor playground with cafes selling nuggets and fries. I prefer that my children get bored than them having constant entertainment. I teach my children their family and national languages when the majority of people don’t care about them anymore. I advocate for natural learning instead of standardized milestones and competition. I cherish a slow life but am also passionate about various projects for the ummah. I truly enjoy my feminine role in the household, while also believing in rest and mutual cooperation. All of these things do come with a certain kind of privilege. Privilege is also a kind of rizq (sustenance) that is granted in varying measures to different people.

What I mentioned above are all forms of things that I have found beneficial to get closer to my goal – my Lord. Because most of all, I believe in protecting my journey towards God, instead of deriving my purpose from my worldly roles.

One of the things I have always found very valuable in my and my children’s journey towards God is the role of books that serve as a reminder for what truly matters. Like all other things, even when it came to books, I found myself liking a limited, specific kind of stories, so I decided to write one myself.

InshaAllah I will be launching my children’s book soon. I hope Allah makes it a source of His light for you and your family. Ameen.

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