Thursday, July 11, 2024

Author’s Bio

Marium Uqaili lives in London with her husband and two daughters. She holds certifications in both childhood education and Islamic psychology.

Growing up, she was fascinated by nature and the divine order of things. This led her towards a love for chemistry. She majored in chemistry in college and university and won numerous local and international awards along the way. She also completed the traditional alimiyyah curriculum alongside with university.

During the past ten years, she has lived in Boston, Seattle, Lahore, and London, and has conducted workshops and classes for women and children at local institutions and universities including Harvard, MIT, University of Washington, and LUMS, among others. Her focus has been to help guide women and children in their journey to recognize and witness the beauty of Allah (SWT).

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She also runs a blog on her website where she writes her day-to-day reflections about motherhood and spirituality.

Marium is a full-time homeschooler, with a passion for natural learning. Having a special daily reading time with her daughter sparked her interest in writing children’s books. She aims to write books that capture everyday moments in the lives of Muslim children.

She hopes that her books will enable parents to initiate organic conversations with their children about Islamic values and spirituality – helping both parents and children in their journey towards Allah (SWT).