Thursday, July 11, 2024

Khadijah’s Big Move

Launching in July 2024!


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The activities can be tailored for both younger and older children. They will help develop their connection to Allah in a child-friendly way.

Author's Bio

Marium Uqaili holds certifications in both childhood education and Islamic psychology. She is a full-time homeschooler with a passion for natural learning. Having a special daily reading time with her daughter sparked Marium's interest in writing children’s books. She aims to write books that capture everyday moments in the lives of Muslim children. She hopes that her books will enable parents to initiate organic conversations with their children about Islamic values and spirituality - helping both parents and children in their journey towards Allah (SWT). Marium also runs a blog on her website where she writes her day-to-day reflections about motherhood and spirituality. She currently lives in London with her husband and two daughters.

I often find myself taking the alternate path. It is not on purpose. I would love to have a tribe who is exactly on the same path as mine, but Allah has crafted everyone’s journey differently.

Be it the structure of my day, the use of technology, my children’s education, my family’s diet, or my overall lifestyle – I often feel like a stranger to the world.

I have lived in three different continents in the past 6 years across the globe….. (Read more)